life journey, thought, animals and big smile :)

anie aja

This is a page where I can share my favourite stories, my point of view, and especially, my way of life

Namaku ani, orang jawa asli, kelahiran Bantul

Seorang dokter hewan yang bangga akan profesinya

Mencintai langit yang biru, laut yang luas dan hutan yang hijau

Membenci penipu dan orang orang penghancur mimpi

I love to travel mengunjungi tempat-tempat yang indah, melakukan perjalanan bersama teman-teman yang menyenangkan

about me,

I’m a veterinarian.

I love to read, as much as I love to write

I love animals, and they love me

I love traveling.. especially with low budget one

I don’t know whether I love children or not… but, they seem to like me 🙂

I got random thing inside my thought.. but I’m not an artist.. don’t want to have  discussion about art things.. *have enough with the family

I’ll write anything that goes up in my head at the moment.. so just enjoy them 🙂



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