life journey, thought, animals and big smile :)

being a vet means.. working with these animals, and love it :)

I might not a senior in this fields, but, as a veterinarian everyday I’m dealing with animals. might not the best job in the world nor the best paid one, the good thing is I do it because I love it.

Bison, mixed German Shepherd, male, 5 years old, aural hematoma on left ear lobe

Started my own Vet practice, and I met them..

cemen, 2 years old, ovaryo-histerectomy

I agree with all animals lovers, that animals are a great companion, you’ll get connected to them and they’ll become your friends

Gramp's sheep, 4 months old, scrotal hernia *the most challenging surgery i've ever had

So easy to say, trying to enjoy what I do is not the hard thing to do. trying to make all sick animals get better are harder. but, keeping the clients calm were the hardest 😀

my pals, they keep me smile


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