life journey, thought, animals and big smile :)


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Picture of Jingking, if you go to the south beach of Yogyakarta, you’ll find this small animals on the sandy shore

Jingking is the kind of animals (hexapoda) who live on the sandy beach. Local sources said that the shore crab jingking is a child or a baby crab that the new body-sized quantities of green beans. Locals catches to make some snacks, called ‘peyek jingking’ or Jingking dent

So, when the animal was fried in batter dent dent his form was like soybeans. While the retreat is a retreat-type animals crustaceans which also includes hexapoda with the body of your thumb. These animals had a somewhat hard skin on the back like a crab. But this savory meat-and-white animals such as red meat or crab already. Flavor of meat from these animals are also tasty and slightly chewy (just the meat of shrimp).

anyway, I like seeing them alive and running around the beach shore instead of seeing them in fried form.. 🙂



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